Social Media Marketing

Are you one of the many business that has abandoned their social media profiles? Like you, many businesses have either failed to start working on their profiles, or have given up because of the difficulties of trying to earn followers. But just like how it isn’t easy for us to do your job, it isn’t easy for you to do ours. Let 1080 Creative build your following for you, while you focus on sharing your content and deepening customer relationships. This is what your customers will appreciate most.



Engaging with your Facebook followers allows you to strengthen your brand and build relationships that can help shape your business. About 2/3 adults that browse online are Facebook users and it is important to interact with that audience in order to encourage repeat business and gain important feedback.

Facebook / Twitter

While Facebook, alone, is a great platform, Twitter offers the ability to deliver your content quickly and effectively, as well as being able to interact with trending topics more effectively. With Twitter, you can also use the search function to look for potential customers and interact with them in order to bring business to your company. The possibilities are endless.

Facebook / Twitter/ LinkedIn

We’ll build your followings on Facebook and Twitter, while also utilizing LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers you the ability to network with others in your industry, develop business relationships, and recruit new talent for your business.

Custom Social Media Packages

If you would like to expand your social media presence on more platforms like Pinterest & Instagram, or if you’d like to interchange any platforms, we can build a custom social media package that will best suit your business needs.

We’ll build a sales-focused site that builds your brand and turns your visitors into customers.

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